i owe my blog...

a personal update (again! i wrote the whole thing already but i pressed the 'back' button by mistake! genius eh?! lol!).

so.. 2 close friends and an internet pal will be in town this summer! cannnnnt wait to see them!!!!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3

so in the meantime, i treat myself a vcd and cd! (i sooooooooooo deserve them, working 7days nowaday! lol).

SHUTTER ISLAND! of course i gotta get! can't wait for INCEPTION to come out!!!
and LALA! mygod! i loveeeeeeeeee her voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another singer-songwriter! these are true musician!!!!

and one thing that bothers me a lot!! i (only) use big bags. and it's tedious for me to move things from one bag to another... but one thing that I HATE w/ PASSION (?) is that these bags only got 2 slots? to put things. what the right? it takes me so long to look for my keys or that lip balm i needed RIGHT NOW! so what i did? of course i'm too cheap to get those purse organizer. i went to the 2-dollar store (yes. no, i'm doing no advertisement for noone XD) and got myself 2 mesh pockes w/ 2-3 slots!
i'm sooooooo thrill when i came home and i can find my key in 2 seconds! lol!
i'm soooo silly and weird and dumb (to be thrilled for such thing). i know!

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4 thumbs up for...

love love love love this movie~ i've always been fascinated about dreams... so i couldn't miss this movie!
i love the concept of 'kick'... because i experienced this many times...
i dreamt that i was jumping off a cliff or the ground suddenely disappear...and when i was in the boundary of dreaming and waking up... i could, in reality, feel my feets jerking!!!! some unbelievable stuffs eh, our mind!!!???

and a dream within a dream!
i rarely have them but it happened before and they are hard to forget because i remember one time, when i thought i woke up from a dream but i didn't and realized i was still dreaming, i gotten soooooooooo scared. i was afraid i will never wake up!
gosh! i can go on and on about dreams ne! the only thing i hated was dreaming about this boy i <3 before for a long time and it also was a longggg time ago, but i still dream of him very often and what i can't believe is i can see his face (12 years old face) still so clearly everytime i dream of him! CREEPY!!!!!!

and Leo -my new crush!- like in Shutter Island, gave another unforgettable performance!!!!

this movie is soooooo complex and full of so much information, i can't wait to get the dvd and watch it over and over again!!! the story and the concept is soooooo new and creative!! i haven't watch something original for a long time!

don't miss it!

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what is sexy!?

Q: what is sexy?
A: khalil fong dai tong.
Q: no, i mean what's the definition of sexy?
A: yes, fong dai tong.
Q: no. i didn't mean who, i mean what is it!? how would u describe the term sexy!?
A (getting annoyed): fong. dai. tong.
Q (getting annoyed): f**k! what does sexy mean!?
A = _ =  : F*CK! FONG DAI TONG is SEXY! ok!?
Q = _ =
A: FONG DAI TONG equals SEXY! ok????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just saw...

Shutter Island last night.
Holy cow!
I loveeeeee everything about it!
It's scary but not horror/bloody/ghost/monster scary but the suspense! The thrill!
The 'what's going on!?' scary!
This movie isn't what I expected at all! I almost didn't rent it!
Haha! One of the best decisions ever!
D and I totally missed the ending because we were screaming/upset about how it ends!
When I watch it again this morning, I was shock because the ending we thought wasn't the real ending at all! Lol! We totally miss the last line of the movie which makes a hugeeeeeeee different!
Holy cow!
Bitter sweet!
LOVE every single minute of it!
A movie that makes me say "this is good stuff" during the first five minute into a movie is a GOOD MOVIE! holy cow! It's awesome!
Haven't seen such a good movie for a long time! It's entertaining BUT also kills a lot of my brain cell!
It's the first time I'm taking along a ride in this KIND of CHARACTER'S perspective. It's scary but very interesting.
I'm not that KIND of people so I will never understand what they are thinking... but through this movie, I get a much better insight.  I don't know in reality, if this TYPE of people thinks this way... but I gotta say it's close!
Love it! Gotta own the DVD!
Kyaaa! and I bet my money on this movie for Oscar's nomination next year!!!
Yeah baby!
Now... where's that novel now!?
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cherry club

~Moni~ ^_^ says:
so the rest is just like a birthday cake cream, way too sweet and way too much. And u and me we are like two little cherry on the top of the cake ^^

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