piNk drAgON (baka_power) wrote,
piNk drAgON

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in LUV all over again.

oh my goodness. is this good!????
i can'tttttt stop thinking about him!
sh*t! (how can i not? him making out w/ the microphone!!!!!!! *turn on* kyaaaaaaa)


  • *melt*

    Khalil answers my Q! <3

  • Khalil's Fong "It ain't easy"

    Love ain't easy. and neither is this song! ~>_<~ 曲:方大同 詞:方大同 編:方大同 監﹕Edward Chan / Charles Lee / 方大同 太多人失意 太多人忘記 太多人都說愛情失重無影 愛 也許是我的 愛 也許是他的…

  • Born This Way

    Gosh~ Why am I crying??

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